Who we are

The Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA) is a membership body and coordination forum of over 80 international non-governmental and non-profit organizations working in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). AIDA members’ mandates, focus areas of work and geographical orientation are highly diverse. Some are mainly humanitarian oriented, while others work to promote sustainable development through longer term program interventions. AIDA members work on an array of sectors including, but not limited to: humanitarian response, shelter, water, health, protection, gender rights, youth, agricultural development, resilience and disaster preparedness.

Established 1967, AIDA is one of the longest-standing INGO coordination fora in the world.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively represent INGOs operating in the oPt, acting as a collective voice for the community.

We serve as the key global reference for evidence based advocacy relating to issues that affect members’ ability to deliver effective and accountable humanitarian assistance and development programming in the oPt.

We support our members’ individual and collective efforts with a focus on advocacy for positive policy changes that address violations of international law and humanitarian principles. 

Our Vision

AIDA  envisions an environment in which civil society organisations are thriving, free and independent, and are able to raise their voices and influence public policies thus contributing to a more just and equitable community.  

AIDA Structure

AIDA is managed by the Secretariat. The Secretariat consists of the AIDA Director, The Advocacy Coordinator, the Gaza Coordinator, and the Administrative Assistant.  The AIDA Secretariat applies a 3-pronged strategy to mobilize the participation of members and the support of external stakeholders:

  1. Internal communication and documentation: The AIDA secretariat works directly with members to ensure consensus and support to AIDA’s strategy and individual interventions, collects data on impediments to members’ operational space and opportunities to reduce vulnerabilities to external shocks, and provides support to members on access issues.
  2. Internal coordination: AIDA’s Secretariat facilitates joint decision making and action planning within AIDA’s executive committee and its working groups.
  3. External representation: AIDA’s Secretariat represents the network with external stakeholders in the oPt and abroad.

The AIDA network is governed by an Executive Committee (ExCom). The Executive Committee Members (ECM) are elected by the General Assembly,  in principle the Heads of Missions of their respective organisations, and will hold their posts both as an individual and as representatives of their agencies. They are responsible for the oversight, strategic planning and monitoring the work of the AIDA Secretariat.  The ECMs participate on a voluntary basis and in carrying out all of their responsibilities, they must act with full transparency, accountability and refrain from any conflicts of interest.

AIDA’s Executive Committee Members